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  • COTP becomes an official sponsor of CoA-OMP.

CoA-OMP Accreditation

CoA-OMP accreditation can have immediate and long-term benefits to help propel your education in the direction of progress. Accreditation through CoA-OMP:

  • Helps identify areas for improvement.
  • Aids student recruitment and retention.
  • Is required for students to become eligible for JCAHPO certification.
  • Accredited programs are more competitive for institutional resources.
  • Status enhances the ability to recruit well-qualified students and top faculty.
  • Helps harmonize training of ophthalmic medical technicians and moves closer to global standards and requirements for all ophthalmic educational programs.

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Revised Standards and Guidelines

The CoA-OMP Board of Directors is pleased to present the newly revised Standards and Guidelines.

All new ophthalmic training programs are required to make application with these revised Standards and Guidelines. All current accredited ophthalmic training programs will be required to be in complete compliance at their next regularly scheduled comprehensive accreditation review and annual reports should indicate progress towards compliance.

CoA-OMP Quick Links

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Browse the map of CoA-OMP accredited training programs.

Accreditation: Why?
Accreditation Materials

Review the revised Standards and Guidelines and the new Self-Study Template.